Lesson 8 Vocab Words


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adept adj. - highly skilled, expert
audible adj. - capable of being heard
azure noun - the blue color of a cloudless sky
banter verb - to exchanged playful, teasing remarks / noun - light, playful conversation
capacious adj - able to hold a large amount, roomy
copious adj - large in quantity, abundant
crucial adj - extremely important, vital in resolving something
decelerate verb - to slow down or to cause to slow down
deploy verb - to arrange troops or equipment in position for battle, to put into use
facilitate verb - to make easier
fastidious adj - playing close attention to detail. difficult to please
fitful adj - not steady, irregular
grapple verb - to struggle with in close combat, to wrestle; to come to grips with / noun -an iron shaft with a claw for grasping & holding things
pang noun - a sudden sharp feeling of pain or distress
precede verb - to go or come before in time, rank, or position